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Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) often do not cause any symptoms
Even without symptoms, a test can be useful

At Get-Checked we offer confidential counselling and all the necessary tests
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There are many reasons for an HIV or STI test. After a risk exposure such as unprotected vaginal, anal and/or oral sexual contact or also when changing partners, one would like to avoid infection with sexually transmitted infections (STIs).
Some STIs can also be transmitted during protected sexual intercourse (e.g. chlamydia and gonorrhoea).​

Why Get-Checked?​

"Peace of mind". Don't worry too much: Get-checked.

Many sexually transmitted infections (STIs) show no symptoms. Therefore, it is unclear whether you are carrying an infection until you are tested for it. If you are at risk (condom accident, one-night stand) or change partners, it is advisable to get tested for the essential STIs.

Have I been vaccinated? Hepatitis A and B test and vaccinations that protect for life.

Vaccinations (e.g. hepatitis B) are an essential component of preventive health care. Hepatitis B is not infrequently transmitted sexually, and vaccination provides lifelong protection. The cost of vaccination for the human papillomavirus (HPV), which can cause genital and anal cancers and warts, is covered for all women and men up to 26 years of age.

Should I also get tested for hepatitis C?

Hepatitis C is rarely transmitted through anal sex. Nevertheless, it is worth getting tested if you are at risk. You will find valuable information on the following website when a test for hepatitis C is appropriate. Hepatitis C is curable!


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